Bumpy road for California Democrats targeting Republican House seats


The beltway where promises actually not to rain today for a couple of our good to be with you thank you for joining us i was just reading the washington post story on the goings on in my old home of orange county california where i lived until two thousand fifteen in in california they have a primary a week what was coming tuesday and california's primaries because it's california are different from everywhere else the top two winners in the primary advance to the general not one republican and one democrat the top two it's called the jungle primary that creates hard for the democrats they need to capture a bunch of seats in california they want to retake the house of representatives and give nancy pelosi back the speaker's gavel and if you vote for democrat you're voting for nancy pelosi it's that simple in any event in three of those districts california's thirty eighth congressional district to republicans are ahead bob hyphen sean nelson in the forty eighth congressional district to republicans are ahead scott bah and dana rohrabacher and in the forty ninth congressional district to republicans are ahead rocky chavez and diane hockey now that's the story the washington post dave weigel at road very long story now democrats are trying to get their act together to pick once too late they've got like a hundred candidates on everyone and that's the story that's an in a nutshell three races in california's thirty eight bob house in sean nelson going to advance to the finals in.

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