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United states the early days of the space program made a commitment to start sending robotic spacecraft to the planets and in the space of a quarter century from nineteen sixty two to nineteen eighty nine all the planets out to neptune were explored and voyager of course was the headliner mission of the eighties that i went to unison neptune and win voyager triumphantly finished at neptune the us postal service issued a set of stamps for the exploration of the planets nine stamps eight of the nine have been explored of course oh they didn't know what it looked like in the no spacecraft had been there so the nice then just had this fuzzy ball and it said not yet explored pluto not yet explored was an artist conception because all they could do and that became a bit of a dare to a lot of people by exploration dare a little unfinished business eight at a nine we're not gonna leave it that way of course the ultimate irony in that is that not only did that help foment people who are in the story of jaycee new horizons to go and and formulate a mission to pluto and fight for it but as we were getting very close to launching i made a decision as mission principal investigator that we would pace that stamp on the spacecraft and flight and pluto's face and get cancelled and we did that then at the fly by in july of twenty fifteen when i told that story and we held up a big stamp three feet on a side right to the crowd assembled at the johns hopkins applied physics lab thousands of people i didn't know it but in the audience was the us postmaster general and she was so galled by that stamp now having been inaccurate that she immediately initiated a pluto explored stamp which you can now buy and the stamp that allan and his colleagues held up there at the fly by it was a giant copy of that one that said could not yet explored but they crossed out the words not yet so that expired stamp in more ways than one that was just one of the things that you put on the spacecraft which maybe not a lot of people know about you also loaded it with a really touching tribute to the gentleman that you just mentioned pluto's discoverer.

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