How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People


Why are we doing this you know what i mean that's what i mean you know what i mean that's what i mean but i don't know is that an i am i stupid here making any sense like i don't know why other people have to be involved in that like you know one stupid no everyone knows where they love and who they want to spend their life with just do it like why do you have to do all this extra shits so that it's like fischel it's like i don't know i guess like taxes taxes wise there's some benefits to that filing separate or filing togethers you know different and if that's the case are we just getting married for taxes is this taxes thing we're trying to save money by spending all this fucking money on rings and dresses and all kinds of shit i hope my sister doesn't listen to this she's going to be so mad at me jesus but seriously why was spreading all and some people go above and beyond for their wedding and don't get me wrong love weddings keep spending the money i'm gonna keep showing up because this shit is fun and i don't mind paying for my plate or whatever weddings are great lot of fun but let's just like you know peel it back i'm not saying let's down with weddings i'm not saying that i'm saying if you just step all the way back and look at it you're like are we getting married or are we just like sprinting towards homelessness like we haven't even started our lives yet and we're in the whole here and we both have student loans are we ever going to not have debts.

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