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Uhhuh these daily tech headlines for tuesday april twenty fourth twenty eighteen i'm sarah lane alphabet google's parent company reported its first quarter earnings monday which were overall very positive with revenue growth of twenty six percent year over year to thirty one point sixteen billion dollars which beat wall street expectations adjusted earnings were nine dollars and ninety three cents per share compared to the expected nine dollars and twenty eight cents per share however nest which elf abet acquired for three billion dollars back in twenty fourteen posted a six hundred twenty one million operating loss against seven hundred twenty six million in revenue in two thousand seventeen casting some doubt on the financial health of that hardware division facebook released an updated version of its community standards guidelines so users can better understand how content moderators handle objectional material one example is the definition of harassment which facebook says means users can't send a message that calls for death serious disease or disability or physical harm or claims that victim of a violent tragedy is lying about being a victim users previously could only request an appeal if their facebook profile page or group was taken down but can now tell ange the removal of individual pieces of content users can also appeal facebook's decision to preserve content they report as violation of the company's rules a published exploit chain for invidia terra x one based systems which covers nintendo switch consoles describes an apparently unpalatable method for running arbitrary code the vulnerability has been named food say jelly nintendo already shipped more than fourteen point eight million apparently vulnerable switch systems to the public google wants to make it easier for you to listen to podcasts across google and android devices users canal pull up podcast using google search or ask google home speaker to play a particular podcast google system will also let you sink you're listening across different platforms so if you start a podcast on your phone you can pick back up on your smart speaker at home amazon announced a new service.

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