Reunion with Roush Fenway Racing just feels right to Matt Kenseth



Right i've seen them talking smack on facebook they should be doing he's apparently officially now going cup series racing part time this season with his previous team rash fenway racing let's hear from matt kenza screed to be here today obviously it's a it's a big day for roche grossman racing day for me and my family it's great to bring a new sponsor sport with windham wyndham rewards and real proud of able drive six car you know funny story when i started roche fenway and mark met him away back in ninety seven and he kinda went to jack and said hey i think this is a new young guy by the way i'm still pretty young i think we need to get him in here and as it went on for year so you know mark is like look i'm not going to do this much longer you know i got a six car i really want you to take over and drive a six car so that was the plan and i think i was maybe twenty four or five at the time if i would have waited a former get out and retire would have been about thirty nine my rookie year so it took a lot longer than we thought proud to be driving a six look forward to to going to kansas obviously means a lot to me to to reunite with everybody roche we're racing and i'm really looking forward to the challenge and really looking forward to to get into work soon so so thanks jack thanks steve.

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