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Greatest Royal Rumble stands as major turning point for WWE


Exactly my polar bear bookie was not around exactly exactly so let's do this let's let's take a quick break we come back we've got to talk about this mac kensit deal he is coming back we'll tell you with who and what it could possibly mean a little bit of small team drama thankfully is back ron divine and it was a good i it's after the fact i know but it's still a good brown divine story and some jobs news and then we'll get the paint scheme preview 'em picks four talladega aunts and darlington throwback schemes to i want to talk about those so don't go in okay the bids best and goes in a circle bell telco ballot in the draft hey welcome back to in the draft with wilson and was i'm wilson that is the woz man over the break you would think we were talking about nascar but no no we're talking about the wrestling because you told me that there's going to be a fifty man royal rumble in saudi arabia yes the greatest wrote a rumble which is only available in the wwe network fifty man royal rumble yeah that's pretty as well if you wanna watch it live hopefully you've download the show before twelve noon eastern that's when it starts to nine pacific so when wilson wakes up he can watch you can find the he his w w network like i will watch the greatest royal rumble from saudi arabia is a pay per or can you just watch it online you have to go to wwe network dot com all their pay per views are now on the ww network oh you pay ten dollars a month you get every pay per view you pay ten dollars per month i don't pay ten dollars per month should like to get a pay per view for ten dollars a month plus all the classic wrestle wrestlemanias royal rumbles and shows ww network puts together is the when you say all the classics do you mean.

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