Donald Trump repaid Michael Cohen the same year Stormy Daniels was given US$130,000 not to talk about ‘affair’, ethics office says


From the city that changes the world this is cagey oh san francisco oakland san jose the next generation of k g o a cumulus station now on amazon alexa open the cagey oh eighteen skill good afternoon to you i'm kim mcallister in four brett burkhart the details are coming out today about the stormy daniels hush money payment president donald trump acknowledging today he repaid his lawyer michael cohen in two thousand seventeen for expenses that cohen incurred during the two thousand sixteen presidential election this is according to financial disclosure forms released today of the form doesn't say exactly what the payments were four but attorneys for the president have previously said at trump reimbursed cohen for that one hundred thirty thousand dollar payment that he made the porn star stormy daniels the chairman of michigan state.

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