James, South Dakota and Sudan discussed on 1947: The Meet the Press Podcast


Not knowing what we would find james you feel like you can explain why trump won now better today than you could when you started this project sort of and let me go beyond sort of to sort of saying sort of sort of i can but but here's would be the the way into that the tremendous i think what would be surprising for most people in journalism or at least what surprised us starting two thousand thirteen in cumulatively is how place after place after place would go and they'd say yeah it really is a dark time for this country belatedly what's happening here in south dakota now here in south dakota we had this downtown the been really renovated we're finding ways to include these refugees from somalia sudan and look at our high school high school doing interesting things and just civic pride yes acidic a sense of civic agency you know we weren't just the objects of all this stuff happening and i was trying to think about why this will get to the trump question why this was so different from the normal media narrative and i think it's because most the time when we all see places that are on the cokes were there to ask them do you like hillary do you like trump do you like obama which squeezes everything onto that grid and snot what people are mainly thinking about their mainly thinking about how is sue falls high school gonna be better five years from now and how is this in erie pennsylvania what are we gonna do when ge leaves and all that so how does this get to trump i think it is because.

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