Can the U.S.-Europe Alliance Survive Trump? – Foreign Policy


The negotiations from my point of view is his final parting shot at working family so that's the nafta talks separately the administration has also engage aged in trade talks with china this week what's the goal there the administration wants to bring down it's big trade deficit with china and also improve the way that country treats american businesses technological knowhow and this has been a kind of tense faceoff between the us and china the us's slap tariffs on chinese steel and aluminum china's retaliated with tariffs on us pork and other farm products china has also basically stop buying soybeans from the us last year they bought nearly fourteen billion dollars worth now they're buying those from russia and brazil instead the white house is hoping to work out some kind of negotiated settlement to head off a broader trade war and at the same time president trump needs china's help in dealing with north korea by the way trump is still looking ahead to a summit meeting with north korean leader kim jong un next month although the north koreans have made noise about pulling out of that white house says they're proceeding if those talks are going to happen npr's scott horsely thanks as always the evola virus has spread to a city along the congo river in the democratic republic of congo that is scary because lots of people travel through a port city and the virus of course is highly contagious as you will remember from the massive outbreak in west africa a few years ago that outbreak killed more than eleven thousand people well the world health organization is working with local authorities in congo to try to stop the spread of the disease and we have reached dr peter salama he is the who's deputy director general for emergencies we've caught him on the line in geneva switzerland hey dr salama killer can you describe the city on the congo river where the outbreak appears to have spread where it's now centered gift to the provincial capital which is cold than daca.

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