New Ebola Cases In Central African City Prompt Fears Virus Is Surging « CBS Sacramento


Leader mitch mcconnell says her experience and expertise were evident during her confirmation hearing demonstrated counter integrity and a forthright approach to the committee's questions democrat elizabeth warren saw no candor at all especially on the issue of torture techniques the cia used after nine eleven this hassle danced around the answer gina hospital would succeed mike pompeo as head of the cia linda kenyon capitol hill congo's ebola outbreak spread to a crossroads city of more than a million people in a troubling turn that marks the first time the country's encountered the lethal virus in an urban area late today congress ministry of health announced eleven new confirmed evola cases two deaths tied the cases in the country's northwest and a federal magistrates ordered former ku klux klan leader david duke to turn over his email social media messages and other communications about the nationalist rally in charlottesville this.

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