Is Twitter Inc a Better Takeover Target Now?


We're going to talk about that later but let's jump in right now to what's going on in the market and this week specifically with earnings and guys i know earnings are going to be a huge focus over the next few weeks as the market looks to rebound from that first quarter correction we've experienced i know when we come back from the break we're going to talk about is the correction over and a lot of it is how earnings do could really help so i actually wanted to look at some earnings who are so companies were announced earnings earlier this week and three specific ones i wanted to have each kind of just chat about is net flicks one of those big fangs stocks they always talk about intact ibm and goldman sachs and here's the thing that made it interesting and i wanted to talk about all of them beat their earnings this week but interestingly the market reacted differently to each one of them so let's just throw it out there and see how each one of them you know did and see how beating earnings isn't always enough you know for an example mad is i know you know this but netflix lakes crushed their earnings expectations this week and gained almost ten percent in one day on tuesday when it comes to net flicks the stocks behavior after earnings hinges on one thing and that's subscriber growth they smashed their subscriber growth estimates increasing total net subscribers by seven point four million up fifty percent year over year and more than a million higher than forecasted net flicks financial metrics live or die by subscribers so the rest of the numbers were also much better than expected net flicks even included in the forecast for next quarter so as we would all expect the market love the news and net flicks soared almost ten percent in one day i love netflix yeah me and my wife grab some wine what binge watch some shows that we like that we missed now it's a good service we're going to pivot and talk about ibm ibm didn't experience.

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