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Two jazz one fifteen one zero two winners over the thunder grabbed a two one series edge joe ingles had twenty one may two threes and a final minutes during a thirteen to os surge as utah put this game away late rubio's triple double the first by jazz player in the postseason since john stockton in the two thousand one playoffs against dallas his coach quin snyder we've the game was a little discombobulated for a while with some foul trouble and some different matchups that we haven't seen as much in this series and ricky attacked i think he attacked with poise and you know he was making shots i thought he took good shots and you know it really stabilize or group during that time paul george scored twenty three while russell westbrook had eight turnovers shot five of seventeen from the floor and was nonplus post game this is the florida game he had to go on shredding continued again a ball keep the florida game going do i can't or are you dealing with any injury in the upper body area so you get some treatment on the sideline when you're on the sideline a lot going on my body but that's everybody right now rubio got hard especially at the mid range i think he started five or five just what allowed them to get so hot there he made some shots too comfortable but i'm gonna shut that next game guaranteed and james johnson four seconds ago the sixers are gonna win game four and head back to philadelphia pre games the one shade j radical last four points for the sixers a triple double for simmons a double double for and the sixers lead the series now three games to one yes ninety seven five the fanatic the sixers one would away from advancing to the nba conference semis for the first time since two thousand twelve jj redick scored two dozen ben simmons that triple double one zero six to one zero two over miami they.

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