Will Ravens Return to Playoffs? Schedule Pros/Cons and Game Predictions


Creating the anger between the teams and i am beads a great trash talker and i love his game he's fun to watch they're fun to watch switching gears a little bit it's still kind of nba and nfl related aaron rodgers purchased a minute minority share of ownership for the milwaukee bucks rogers is the first active nfl player to own a piece of a major sports franchise in the market in which he plays fact or fiction within the next year there will be another active player with ownership stock in a major sports franchise in another sport i'll say fiction i think it's i mean i know we've seen like retired players obviously derek jeeter with the marlins and now aaron rodgers as you mentioned but i don't i still think it's going to be commonplace when you have to be filthy rich to do it there are guys gave i mean lebron james i'm sure i could buy a part of the become a minority owner in the indians or the or the browse without a problem i mean he's he's gotta be i would think that lebron james is the richest guy in in professional sports in america so he certainly capable and he to this point hasn't i guess at least publicly we haven't heard any interest on his part although there has been talks to maybe someday he want to be ownership in the nba so now i think it's pretty unusual to do that another sport so i i'm guessing we don't see it anytime soon another nfl topic as we both know dez bryant was released by the cowboys i think it was actually the last week but this week the giants released veteran wide receiver brandon marshall setting off rumors that does bryant will be new york bound bryant has expressed his interest in staying in the nfc east and specifically playing for the new york giants factor fiction an odell beckham junior dez bryant partnership is a bad idea that's fat dez bryant is overrated he hasn't been a very good player since two thousand fourteen he has been injury prone he did play sixteen last year but he's still he played sixteen games at eight hundred thirty eight yards.

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