Woman missing after reported alligator attack in Florida


And we have some breaking news tonight at a south florida police in broward county say they've captured and killed an alligator following a fatal attack on a woman as she walked her dog near the lake this morning an arm was found inside of that gator it's believed to be from the victim neighbors say there should have been warning signs near the lake in davies swims like going north and they you see him coming back down but not far in the late he's towards the edge i should have at least signs mccaffrey gators and snakes because they have swimming signs but no enforcement authorities have now identified the victim as a forty seven year old woman a new independent of florida's governor governor race shows former miami beach mayor philip levine starting to dominate the crowded field of democrats fueled by ten million dollar advertising campaign levine's thirty two percent support is double that of second place candidate gwen graham the only female in the race along with chris king andrew gillum in palm beach billionaire jeff greene and here we grow again in central florida spacex ceo elon musk says the company hopes to.

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