Golden State Warriors Rumors


Golden state you gotta be kidding me but here is golden state's dilemma for all of you to know they are in the goshi asics they are talking with klay thompson they do plan on talking to him more so again this summer although klay thompson father michael thompson colleague here at espn radio out of la has stated that he sincerely doubts that klay thompson will sign a contract this summer he wants to wait until he becomes a free agent at twenty nineteen if you had a golden state warriors your top priority is to keep your core for intact klay thompson up after next season draymond green is up after two more seasons if lebron decides that indeed he wants to come to the bay area golden state would be in a position where lebron was to opt in and force the trade out of cleveland golden state would be in a position where you're talking about clay andrey mongering being gone in favor of making room for lebron join k d and stuff wolf getting i'm rooting for this to happen just so i can hear what it sounds like for stephen smith to lose his mind you've heard before don't threaten me right he said he apparently it's never have cool okay but didn't he come after durant in a way that suggested the loss mind situation that there was a movie trailer that we did because he was furious with kevin durant so he was more furious lebron james than he is with kevin durant to god that was in keeping it cool.

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