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England your jolly old now i am i'm in london hanging out with my peeps you know yeah i'm a man of the people walking around racing them with your presence is that try to say yeah yeah my favorite thing to do is because i do like to kind of just because we've done this before we come and we vacation statement extended period time the become like you live here right so you're doing normal things and jumping on the tube as they call it here oh as and when people look like two three times and the wondering if it's actually me on the on the tube it is you know so you know but so next when you see gillick norm yeah yeah i don't think he won't talk to talk but i meant they ignore you no so i just so you know when i'm in ireland i hop on the dart see you in the to by hop on the dart and yeah i sit there and i talked to everybody yeah now it's great man lennon's great city there was a cute fire yesterday over at the mandarin oriental hotel i was sitting outside enjoying myself at a coffee heaven the nice americano and i got up to walk in that direction like four or five blocks down near harrods here which

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