Fired deputy FBI director suing FBI, Justice Department



Hhs and the ad council fired deputy director of the fbi now suing the justice department lawyers for former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe announcing late tuesday they are suing the justice department and the fbi claiming the agencies won't give up files relating to mccain's firing alleging in the lots up doj's denying access because they were concerned the documents could later be used against them became was fired in march just shy retirement after an internal report down he leaked a self storage of the press and later lied about it while president trump called the caves fire a great day for democracy became lawyers argue it violated federal law in washington shawn lane joe fox news at and t says it will complete its purchase of time warner by june twentieth now that a federal judge has cleared the way for the dale a government lawyer says they'll review the decision and considered next steps including a potential appeal even though the judge has warned the government they've not have a strong case after threats from some of that city's biggest businesses to scale back seattle lawmakers voted to repeal l a per employee tax on large businesses seattle's mayor and many council members said they repealed the tax on businesses like amazon and starbucks to avoid an expensive fight the corporations back a signature gathering effort to put a measure on the november ballot to overturn the tax council member michael brian expressed deep ambivalence saying the city has invested in affordable housing but they can't just take.

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