Waffle House shooting victim's mother receives daughter's diploma


A posthumous degree for one of the victims of last month's shooting at a waffle house near nashville cbs's elaine key hano has details at belmont university in tennessee this weekend a grieving mother accepted her daughters diploma the ebony groves was among four people killed last month at a waffle house near nashville her mother was given a standing ovation as she received the evans diploma her son de ngelo also graduated the university announced a scholarship indiana's honor melania trump will be in the spotlight at the rose garden today her spokeswoman says she will announce her initiatives as first lady which will focus on issues children face growing up mrs trump recently turned the blue room into a classroom for middle school students who were invited to share their hopes and dreams with her deborah rodriguez cbs news it's four zero five at the bay area's news station kcbs morning overcast fog and drizzle at the coast will give way to sunny skies afternoon good morning i'm peter finch here's what's happening tens of thousands of unionized workers at university of california campuses and medical centers plan to stage a three day strike beginning today kcbs.

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