'Permit Patty' resigns as CEO of company after viral video backlash


For joe bartlett a group of late night tv hosts united against president trump correspondent jason nathanson explains pretty surprising opening to both stephen colbert late show and jimmy fallon's tonight show the same bit open both shows found colbert commiserating via video chat about being attacked monday night by president trump said we're all newtown low lives lost souls well that's not right that's conan and then conan o'brien joined the party the real estate guy who sell stakes no jimmy kimmel but a rare collaboration between shows that that'll hard for ratings yeah well you wanna eat written redhead jason nathanson abc news hollywood california woman who has come to be known as permit patty is no longer ceo for medical marijuana company treat well health a spokesperson for the business says alison etel has resigned effective immediately after backlash from a viral video at a lit up the internet after purportedly calling nine one one to complain about an eight year old african american girl selling bottled water the girl was trying to raise money for a trip to disneyland manhattan woman is blaming an app for losing her fouryearold chihuahua here's w or's lisa g the woman claims the dog sitter from north bergen new jersey hired through the app let's sweet slip out from her yard without a caller the new york post reports at check on the sitter's yard found it to be a pile of dirt surrounded by insufficient fences and wag says it doesn't inspect sitters homes sweets is at least the fifth new york city dog that has been lost by wag since two thousand fifteen in the meantime wags offering a two thousand dollar reward and has organized search parties to help find sweets i'm lisa g for seven ten w o r.

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