Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom takes $150 million opening weekend


Minutes after the hour america welcome back i m we went down the news in the morning we have election day today walker stapleton is going to get elected nominated to be the next governor of colorado which i think he's going to win doug lamb born in colorado as well we've got michael grimm trying to stage a comeback the ethically challenged very brash and i think somewhat repellent candidate in stanton island is going to lose i believe to incumbent representative dan donovan who enjoys the backing of president trump dan donovan does harry me and henry master is going to win in south carolina and a bunch of and mitt romney will sweet to an easy victory in the utah republican primaries just like he's going to be elected the senate in november and democrats have got some primary challenges across the country meanwhile republicans are trying to press ahead in the senate with a narrow fix to the immigration situation and the flora's consent decree they to prosecute everyone but they don't want family three separate and they need the senate's help doing that the measure under discussion in the senate would address a flaw in the executive order that president trump issued last week it runs afoul of the flora's consent decree signed in nineteen ninetyseven updated as recently as twenty seventeen and it's too easy too early to tell chuck schumer whether or not there's a deal here senate republicans would like a deal that thom tillis put forward it would add two hundred twentyfive immigration judges take steps to brent migrant families from being separating quitting expediting court proceeding ted cruz dick durbin dianne feinstein met late monday to discuss the situation i and feinstein called bottle of first good meeting but nothing's going to happen this week we don't think so we'll have to wait and see where that goes we'll talk with tom cotton about that after the break but we do now the gop leaders are bracing for a second defeat on immigration in the house meanwhile border officials have suspended handing over migrant families to prosecute because they lack the space they want to keep them together if they turn them over to prosecutors they get charged to can't stay together for longer than twenty days so they're just doing some sort of catching away for who knows they're doing the best they can good day at the supreme court yesterday ratio gary manders found not to exist in texas texas gets to vote with the district they have with the exception of one house district just crazy stuff the court is trying to end this they're trying very hard to tell the states legislatures draw boundaries they have to have one man one vote one woman one vote but we're not in this business they also stood up put baron stutzman represented by the alliance defending pretty much is having a great year and it's gonna get even better day in the supreme court when they win the free speech case in crisis pregnancy centers in california putin was doing his michief yesterday toasting aired awan trying to bring air to one closer to the eastern split nato that's a bad deal jurassic world only made one hundred and fifty million dollars it's predecessor made two hundred twenty five million dollars in its opening weekend jurassic world went on to collect one point eight billion dollars worldwide and i think you're going to see that fallen kingdom is holding its own got an a minus grade and cinematics i liked it i saw it yesterday after the show went downtown for dinner last night terrific dinner with eliana johnson robert o'brien and their and their friends and we had a wonderful dinner talking all off the record come silence chat the msa roles but great fun fire fire is underway in lake county the pony fire in it's a big one in its early that's what i don't like as when the fire season starts early i told you in the first hour chinese army veterans how many veterans do you think china has fifty seven million veterans and they are not happy that's a problem for president gee now to.

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