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Two one oh seven channel four meteorologist dave nussbaum we'll give us more on the big heat in his full pinpoint forecast well it is a back to work monday but louisiana has some of the happiest workers in the country according to a new survey from the career platform so kanu wwe wellstone aims reports louisiana ranks number nine on the list of states where workers are the most satisfied how does michael hecht president and ceo of great and orleans inc view this study flashing that louisiana in particularly southern louisiana has has a work life balance and that means that people are happy to not just work here but to be living here and i think this reflects that he knows that louisiana is the only southern state in the top ten so we kind of stand alone in terms of happy workers he says word seems to be getting out that our area is a great place to work and a great place to live do you take regular lunch breaks at work and how long do you spend at lunch dominique wwl's chris miller reports on a new survey finding some workers worry about what their bosses think when they break for lunch and a lot of them are apparently justified in that feeling according to a survey of us and canadian businesses thirty eight percent of workers say they don't feel encouraged to take lunch breaks the same survey found twenty two percent of bosses thinking ployees who take regular lunch breaks don't work as hard you it oh business professor mark rosa says it's not uncommon for managers to spend their lunchtime i'm working you know you get a lot of people at work of seeing many people many a supervisor's that they work through much rosa said that might not be as productive as it appears pointing out some businesses will demand employees take vacation time and this is a similar issue just on a smaller scale in baton rouge it is finally over a final budget is in that fully funds higher ed healthcare and tops and institute's a four point four five percent sales tax rate governor john bel edwards celebrated the legislative passage of a budget and tax plan that dodges deep cuts to healthcare and higher ed is what our students need is what's right for higher education institutions it's what's right for everyone in the state louisiana's louisiana long before but not everyone was happy fiscal hawks like senator sharon hewitt blasted the plan for not including more budget cuts we spent the last few months debating about how much sales tax when you raise rather than if we need to raise taxes and the sake capitol bureau mattdoyle wwl first.

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