Deontay Wilder pours insults on Anthony Joshua and promoter Eddie Hearn


Seventy two girls eight hundred sixty five points i've got six players ahead of him that should be an eric lindros was not an all time great but people he gets an all time great because he's a publicity and advanced building but i've got sick here i'll give you i'll give you all six appear on thirteen hundred twenty seven point five hundred thirty eight goals in two thousand sixty five points tonight the second time you know he's got eleven hundred seven points i got jeremy roenick and alex smoke yo ming and for beak little ball of hate he was my favorite player of all time how can you put it in eric lindros ahead of for beak curtis joseph i would have played them in because he's got four hundred and fifty four wins he's adam grant fuhr dominik hasek i would've you very upset that eric lindros is in the hall of fame recalling we did this last year getting truscott in lash it had all this discussion i looked at it was i'm not just talking about gary bettman and then turns into eric lindros i mean honestly is out of that habit this guy clearly there's people he wants in that aren't and yet that's just keep waiting it'll happen for you fell in dallas do you mind me talking about lebron i know you're talking about that no go ahead back to the decision you know i agree with you he's a megastar i don't think he deserves any scrutiny for whichever way he goes but if he does choose to stay in cleveland he definitely deserves to get the ward cleaver award for father of the year that'd be fantastic for his kids second if he does go to the lakers i don't see any benefit the lakers ready have their mount rushmore and what could he do in four or five years to get on the level of shaq and kobe and magic and i just don't think it's beneficial foreign is i don't think he can achieve that kind of maybe he can bat i doubt it i don't see upside for going to the lake what is he but what does he have to achieve in basketball well you know when you're a mega star like that like if you're ready have your in miami your i mean just the face of the franchise you're in cleveland you're the face of the franchise when you go to the lakers you don't wanna be second fiddle can anybody when you don't deserve to be the why why why does he have to face the scrutiny of like okay magic did it kobe did it now lebron didn't do it so i mean he's already in the conversation with jordan the why would he like lower his stature right there yeah i don't i don't think there's anything he can do to damages stature i think the only thing people seem to find joy in is that he's three and six and finals everything else is gravy isn't it i mean what's there to complain about that guy's career seriously the west gate post final four odds for two hundred college hoop teams there's final four odds are out here carbide it looks so do kansas kentucky all have the lowest plus one joining the jayhawks wildcats aren't they would do all as aren't they all as favorites to win the national championship in college three year started matic i see loyola chicago now one hundred to one to win it after their great season what are the odds they've not waste their money on it that ticket adding geez how do you think that'll go over not well they're season now deontay wilder rips the promoter and a horrible foul language ran for avoiding the anthony joshua fight i told you he's blaming eddie hearn it would appear to me that the fight is off between wilder and joshua and joshua's gonna fight alexander ovechkin instead in september and they have not been able to nail down and the fight and wilder blames eddie hearn and calls him all kinds of horrible names domino's manager says conor mcgregor is running out of money do you believe that you could blow one hundred million dollars in a year have been since he fight mcgregor last year was last august i don't believe that story at all i think that that's just there camp trying to rally him up again that's all they're trying to do bela tor has announced a new multi year partnership with does on a streaming service said the launch in the us this summer the partnership includes seven events exclusive to design including an event in san jose featuring masasi and rory mcdonald's same service.

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