Ex-Playmate reaches deal allowing her to speak about alleged affair with Trump


The company that owns the national enquirer is leading a former playboy model out of a contract that prevented her from talking publicly about an alleged affair with donald trump that settlement ends the lawsuit brought by the model karen mcdougal the jury and bill cosby sexual assault retrial expected to hear from a pair of drug experts later on today they've already heard cosby's deposition testimony about giving quayle lutes two women before sex yesterday a key defense witness testified cosby's chief accuser had talked about framing a celebrity before going to police with her allegations back in two thousand five it has been a quarter century since the inferno that ended a fifty one day standoff between federal agents and the branch davidian religious sect outside waco texas abc's jim ryan says since then that central texas city is trying to reinvent itself the place where the branch davidian compound one stood still draws daily visitors you can't make people forget about something but twenty five years after the blaze has karla pendergraph to the waco convention and visitors bureau over the years wako has added new attractions namely already to see your fixer upper chip and joanna gaines greg horton of california came to waco specifically to see chipper jones you down absolutely the husband wife stars of the reality tv show fixer upper who's retail empire draws more than a million visitors to waco every year jim ryan abc news seventy five members of the branch davidians died in that fire in waco back in nineteen ninetythree this is abc news time twelve oh four komo aaa traffic every ten minutes on the fours on mercer island on the eastbound i ninety ramp to west mercer way there's a collision that is blocking that ramp now state patrol is on the scene and we also have construction going on overnight eastbound highway sixteen in tacoma from union to spray at least a two lanes closed in the eastbound direction till five o'clock in the morning this report is brought to you by layla resort and casino discover the gaming power of one earn points and rewards at all three of your favorite casinos find all the details at tulalipcasino dot com your next report at twelve fourteen i'm jay phillips on.

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