NTSB says one death reported after engine failure in Southwest jet


To raise the pot tax from three point five to five point five percent it would add an additional eight million bucks a year and we must think marijuana industry for stepping up saying we want to be a part of the solution i think that's huge and i think underscores kinda the the values that this industry has brought to the table and denver from day one the mayor along with the denver housing authority unveiled the proposal yesterday before a city council committee your colorado avalanche back in their opening round playoff series they outgun nashville last night five to three in her head coach jared bednarz says his team felt fed off the home crowd guys we're ready to go right from the start tonight you know great energy into building again fans were awesome our guys were energized and we run our toes in the aggressors early in that game and it paid off for us superstar eight mckinnon scoring twice in the win the apps are now down two games to one in that series game for tomorrow night at pepsi center who it's exciting as it will have more with mike reiss and sports at eight fifteen colorado springs police are going to be swearing in a new offer officer this morning our first four year old and it's officer joshua an officer joshua has some real physical challenges ahead of him yeah the four year olds dealing with stage four cancer and will be undergoing chemo later this week his mother is stationed at peterson air force base his father is a pastor good for him and good for that police department zerorez carpet care brings us that look at news this half hour.

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