Bernie Sanders Says 'Cardi B Is Right' About Who Really Made America Great Again


The one that snapped off a southwest airlines flight on tuesday leading to the death of a passenger we have more from cbs's mark rosenberg typically the period of time that you would use an inspection that would be an ultrasonic type of inspection which is nondestructive would be about fifteen thousand cycles so the air worthiness directive will be looking at this the engine's manufacturer recommended the inspections almost a year ago and european regulators ordered their airlines do the same last month we're hearing this morning from a relative of jennifer weird and the woman killed when she was partially sucked out of the window of that southwest airlines flight we're joined now with wbz's carl stevens with that story carl josh marianne reardon is the sisterinlaw of jennifer bearden she lives in from diaster not too long ago about fifteen minutes ago i talked to her i asked her about the family's reaction to what happened to jennifer we're in shock this is a tragic loss words cannot describe what happened what can you tell us about jennifer she was a wonderful person she was just a genuine loving full of life this is all so sudden and bizarre josh she really wasn't sure what to say at the end of our brief conversation she did say we're trying to make sense of a situation that doesn't make any sense carl stevens wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time eight ten rapper cardi b apparently i said it right on social security that according to vermont senator bernie sanders cardi b is right we've got to protect social security for all generations the bodak yellow wrapper said in a g q interview last week that former president franklin d roosevelt was the real make america great again because he created social security senator sanders said on twitter yesterday he agrees with cardi b that the federal insurance program needs to be strengthened in order to make america great bbc news time eight eleven time for us to.

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