Ex-YouTube Engineer Builds Site To Figure Out What Content The Video Site’s Algorithm Recommends

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The website favors videos like these cake you idiot silicon valley reporter sam harnett madame at a cafe in berkeley shallow had big aspirations when he started studying computer science he thought major advances in artificial intelligence would be great for humanity so it went into computer sales pitch the most complex topic i could find which was at the game of go go a complex japanese board game which computers by the way can now crush even in their best human opponents shallow graduated and got a dream gig job at youtube but then he noticed something deeply unsettling youtube is filled with videos that supported theories about everything from the earth being flat to vaccines causing illness youtube employees of best people were like students say until their lives on then what they do is kill science it was two thousand ten and shallow was working on the algorithms recommended videos he wanted to change how they operated still optimistic i was like okay i'm just going to propose solution they're going to see that they work shallow says he took his ideas to his manager they say yeah i wouldn't do that by where you acre failed even though he was fired shallow couldn't let the youtube problem go so he started algo transparency it's a website that shows people what videos you recommends most often has sections dedicated topics like national meetings elections and science topics with a lot of problematic videos according to shosholoza analysis if you search is the earth flat or round this is the video most favored by the recommendation earth is flat it means that the origin of man is deliberately being covered up from us things that everybody else's laying yoga to spend all your time on youtube so fussy algorithm it's super could win super cool for the algorithm.

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