Men arrested at Starbucks say they feared for their lives


To some sun it'd be breezy chilly the hang up to fifty clear and very cold down to twenty five in outlying areas to near thirty and talented i then sunny skies not as chilly in the afternoon tomorrow high fifty five upper fifties to near sixty was from sony time saturday and sunday and low sixties to start next week as we get a little tease of spring i'm accuweather meteorologist dean devore's ww jane newsradio nine fandy her lay it's cloudy and thirty five degrees we've got you covered with traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the as news on newsradio nine fifty morning thank you for joining us on roberta just say now and untung jordan these are the top stories at seven fifty the faa says in the next couple of weeks it'll issue a directive to require ultrasonic inspections of fan blades like the one that snapped off a southwest airlines plane on tuesday passion they're partially blown out of a window was killed cbs has the very latest coming up at the top of the hour through black men arrested philadelphia starbucks say they were just waiting for a business meeting and a week later still wonder how that could escalate into a police encounter that left them fearing for their lives russia nelson and dante robinson tell the associated press that they have met with the ceo of starbucks and are pushing for meaningful change so what happened to them doesn't happen to anyone else funeral for former first lady barbara bush will take place on saturday the two presidents said barbara bush shared her life with her husband and her oldest son or talking movingly about the impact of her death barbara bush's oldest son former president george w bush spoke on the fox news channel there's a lot of condolences pouring in and say it's the end of useful life as for former president george herbert walker bush in a written statement he said we have faith she is in heaven he said we know life will go on so he said crossed the bushes off your worry list steve futterman cbs news houston wwe news time seven fifty one was it a medical emergency or maybe something else i love a.

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