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Harrowing conditions on Southwest Airlines flight 737; Pilots shrugging off praise for quick thinking actions


They reach a fixed number of cycles planes pilots are shrugging off praise for their quick thinking actions but the ntsb is describing in greater detail the harrowing conditions they faced here's kyw's justin trudeau india's be officials are looking at the feld engine damage plane rattled passengers and much more as they try to find out just what happened on that southwest airlines 737 plane going from new york to dallas that killed a passenger and injured several more the time from the initial event to touchdown twenty two minutes in tsb chairman robert some waltzes what they do know is that after the engine came apart the plane began to descend bank sharply as it prepared to make an emergency landing at philadelphia international airport the pilots level the wings and throughout the rest of the flight there was what i'm going to describe as a fair amount of vibration throughout the airplane officials say they're inspecting other planes of the same make and model to see they have engine problems just an auto kyw newsradio news time.

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