Kim Jong Un has agreed to shut down nuclear test site, South Korea says


Series of home fire safety and smoke alarm installation events called sound the alarm says josh lockwood of the american red cross red cross volunteers actually typically install the alarm in your home and while they're doing that another volunteer will sit down with you and go through some basic fire safety tips to learn where you can get your free fire alarm go to the red cross website the event will take place until may thirteenth during friday's historic meaning with south korean president south korea's president north korean leader kim jong hoon said that he's not the type of person to fire missiles towards a us north korea says it is shutting down its nuclear test site sometime in may and inviting specialists in journalists from seoul in washington to witness it north korean leader kim jong also told south korea's president when j in that some say the north is shutting down in already wasted place but they'll see that the north has two more tunnels that are bigger than the old experimental facilities and they are in good condition judy cho abc news source south korea here's a reds update the reds fell to minnesota saturday with their loss to the twins three to one they ramp up their series today in our coverage starts at one ten here's a bengals update in the final round of the nfl draft the bengals selected toledo quarterback logan woodside mississippi guard rod taylor and florida state wide receiver austin tate i'm troy adams our next update at three o'clock breaking news anytime on news radio seven hundred w lw the attention truckers dean michael the.

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