Jason Witten Reportedly Plans to Retire, Join ESPN's Monday Night Football Crew


Even if he works out is probably going to be a player for two or three years from now than a player who's going to transform this year so i mean it could work out it's out of the question but it just you're taking an incredible risk in doing so so we've got a couple of things left we some news broke in the action in the hour before we recorded this podcast and one of them is his pan related it seems like jason witten the longtime tank for the dallas cowboys my opinion a first ballot hall of famer is retiring and he's going to become the latest dish in to the monday night football crew so he's now coworker probably inclined to say nice things about him obviously someone who i think was a before he came to work for espn first ballot hall of famer for the cowboys do you think if they knew jason witten was going to retire that they would have been so aggressive and moving on from brian that's a tough one because it feels here's a probably going to be surprising to you build i don't have a huge pulse on the inside the dallas cowboys locker room sure that being said i have i have a feeling that it dez with the amount he was going to cost them and with the headache that he's been the last three years and i don't mean it just from an off the field standpoint by any means i mean even on the field he has just not been what it is they've been paying him to be i think they wanted a fresh start to be able to go a different direction that's fair reasonable but the problem is now jason witten retires cowboys reportedly were not expecting it they were blindsided in perhaps the same way that bryant was blindsided when he was cut by the cowboys this receiving core it's problematic and then we have jeff swain rico gathered blake jar with a half to admit i did not know to those people where nfl players and tons of chapter thirty seconds ago the wide receiving corps it's okay it's alan hearns terrance williams cole beasley ryan switzer the update thomson i mean those are you know.

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