U.N. Security Council puts spotlight on Rohingya refugee crisis

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Flee honduras because of the violence but he hasn't made up his mind whether to cross into the us just yet rapid with trump in office it's not certain whether the us will allow us to stay he says they might just send us back even ao mujica caravan organizers says people are now aware of the dire circumstances central americans face by this caravan has been able to do that visualize what's happening and people that need know about immigration has seen this the trump administration says it's prepared to prosecute anyone who makes a false asylum claim or tries to enter the us illegally carrie kahn npr news to wanna united nations security council envoys have begun a four day visit to bangladesh and myanmar on a factfinding mission about the refugee crisis michael sullivan reports britain's un ambassador karen pierce says the plight of the rohingya is one of the most significant human rights cases we have faced in the last decade she's referring to the violence against me on mars muslim minority rohingyas since rohingya militant attacks last august led to a brutal crackdown by myanmar security forces and reports of murder rape and the burning of dozens of rohingya villages nearly seven hundred thousand row hangup fled to the safety of camps in neighboring bangladesh in what both the un and the us have called ethnic cleansing the un team will visit those camps so we'll also make a rare visit to me on mars richt state largely off limits to foreigners since august they'll also meet with me on mars de facto leader aung sung suci for npr news i'm michael sullivan in chiang rai thailand this is npr news south korean officials say north korea says it will shut down as nuclear test site in may and allow experts and reporters from south korea and the us to visit the site north korean leader kim jong un made the comment during his summit friday with south korean president moon jaein where he also expressed optimism about meeting with president trump researchers have found the remains of.

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