John Mayer's video for 'New Light' is so bad, it's good


We'd love to hear from you hear some of the stuff that you had to say four hundred eight john mayer said no one could agree on the budget for the video what's that song called new like a new light right no one could agree on the budget for the video so they got a guy that does miss was videos do this mike god hello i don't know how true that is but that's what he says well it looks like that it's great it's just so funny it's totally lo tak he's green screened on all these weird scenes and he's just resting self though oh there was no budget for clothing right because that is what terrible outfit he's going for that though warda the are he just you know what it is it's a good idea you know you're an artist you put on the dumb headband your sweat shirt and your sweat pants and you just kind of slum it and then if you actually dress up for some people like wow you know you just have on jeans and a tshirt people like well he really put an outfit together for this you know just aim low he's john merica do whatever the halley walk right i like that new song to i think it's it's cute but the video is is it's very charming take a new light come to the butcher son in berkeley it will change your mind about the taste of vegan foods shame i'd try that i would like my mind changed from vegan food seems healthier i guess like i said i love vegetarian food but you know when you start taking butter and milk and eggs out of the equation it starts to get sketchy and i don't part of it is i don't want to eat fake meat i make me some veggie stuff then i don't wanna eat some of those acting like meat chicken what's the point i i thought we were morningstar patty is pretty good those aren't photo chicken chicken well they have ones that aren't but they're they do a chicks one.

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