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The guardian. Tech companies around the world are prepping for new data legislation that will be enforced in Europe and many are not ready a report, released Wednesday, finds that about sixty percent of businesses or likely to miss the general data protection, regulation, compliance, deadline, only about seven percent of the companies are in full compliance as of today. Now, the regulation also known as GDP are will go into effect on may twenty on may twenty fifth 2018 the general data protection regulation came into false. These tough rules on data protection were approved by the EU parliament in April twenty sixteen, but a lot of didn't hear about them back then Pepsi. I had GDP mentioned in discussions about recent controlled cities to do with questionable use of people's data, or maybe it was when you started getting all those bloody emails. You know, the ones accompany you haven't heard from in a while drops into your inbox with a Surrey to the u., but we'd love to keep on emailing you automate twenty-fifth. So if you wouldn't mind, could you please read this privacy policy and take this box on a soon as you've dealt with that Email hit comes another and another. I didn't know about you, but I've started to ignore them. This kind of response to the last minute. Barrels of emails has been dubbed GDP off fatigue, but why have so many companies left it so late to try to comply with this new regulation? And should we stop being so blase about it to basically what actually is DD. Why should we care? So suddenly breaching privy lower breaching to process in law has gone from a bad PR move and a motorist fine from the co, two, the sort of thing that can close down your business. And could this new regulation even impact our health. The vast majority of us will need to visit a doctor, at least once in our lifetime will GDP are affect how GP's look after us and on medical data. A lot of what they do is already what GDP are expect, but and a half and some changes that they've had to make in order to comply on the up to date with GDP off. I'm Jordan. Erika Weber and this is chips with everything. The one that's like, do you know good GDP consultant? And the other person says, yes, then you're like, can I get the Email address and you. To get a simple, but clear explanation of what exactly GDP are is I called on my colleague, Alex, Hon. I mean, the the most important part, the GDP really is nothing to do with what it says you have to do everything to do with it says, will happen if you don't. GDP are introduces a twenty million euro fine or four percent of your annual turnover. Whichever is higher if you breach it. So suddenly breaching purposely law breaching to process in law has gone from a bad PR move and a moderate fine from the ICO to the sort of thing that can close down your business. And it's not panic that has led to everyone's in boxes, overflowing because if you are, if you are a company and you look at a database of mailing lists and all it has database of mailing lists. If you just have a spreadsheet with five thousand Email addresses in nothing else, you have to be pretty bloody confident that you actually got every single one of those. Emails with the right sort of compliance, and if you're not confident the easiest thing to do and the option of companies have picked is just try, try and get compliance after send emails out to all these people going. Hi, we're not one hundred percent certain that we complied with the regulations signed you up in the past. Can you? Can you just do it again? What's led to this then? How can you give a quick summary of how it got to this point? I mean, the short version is seven years of squabbling inside the you about how update the previous data protection directive. The history has been actually kind of hidden underground. It's been cliff about the last three years that when this was going to come, it was going to be big. It's cliff the last two years. The text was set. We've know what was happening. And yet it's taken until I'd say three months before really for for companies to actually go who this is. This is big and we need to act on it. I think a lot of places thought maybe that there would be a safety in numbers. If you leave it till the very last. Minute to actually make your changes and be the ability to copy other people were doing in practice. Not enough people acted soon enough for the copying option to help. And even the I dropped the ball, the information Commissioner's office

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