The road-weary Boston Celtics face their toughest challenge yet


For just the way the game has been played and i've been able to be successful game six tonight in cleveland cavs hosting the celtics game seven would be in boston on sunday night paul pierce from the jump bond sportscenter scott van pelt says look the celtics need to be ready for fullscale lebron in game six back against the wall he's gonna step up you know just like two thousand eight game seventy care forty five so they have to be ready for that just mentally physically just a whiff stan lebron's run because he's gonna he's gonna leave it all out there and just like in game six when he was with the miami heat in two thousand twelve he came in the boston and put one of those greater games on so boston has to be prepared for that not only in game six if they don't win that game but game seven also in the boston garden because he's done it before he went into the boston garden had a tremendous game so they gotta know it's going to be tough to put lebron james team out of the playoffs game six tonight in cleveland the series is on the brawn we we spend a lot of time you know discussing tyron lose substitution patterns and should kyle korver have played more in you know can they squeeze a little bit more out of guys like tristan thompson or can they get anything from jr smith those things matter but ultimately not that much we're not talking about them if lebron is great tim legler espn nba analyst on the six pm sportscenter yesterday last night says ultimately this series falls on lebron and not his teammates the problem is you have to look at the limitations of their personnel so for me it does fall abroad james he might need to more forty point games to get through this round if that's what it takes because when you look at the rest of the guys on their team for the most part they are one dimensional offensive players everything is predicated on lebron james ability to score create offense for them i said it all season i don't think i've ever seen a team more dependent upon one player.

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