Man recovers after 'deathbed' murder confession


Was a double murder this morning in albuquerque and apd simon drove excess the suspect in the killings then headed north into colorado where he was shot by sheriff's deputies here individual person of interest is apparently been shot by officers in colorado working with those guys to find out what happens a spokesman for the fort morgan colorado police department tells the albuquerque journal that the suspect is thirty one year old dust and brian montagna of sterling colorado the albuquerque murder victims were a mother and daughter they were found dead around three thirty am at the mesa ridge apartments on go near sequoia in north west albuquerque and albuquerque man who thought he was making a death bed confession has been found guilty of second degree murder a little over a year ago frank from it i fearing that he was about to die after being hit by a car told nurses at unm h that he had killed someone the victim was wilfred solace whose badly beaten body was found lying in the road near lomas edith in december twenty sixteen for meta recovered from his injuries and was arrested and charged from meadow who'd been booked into jail dozens of times since the mid nineties basis more than thirty years in prison a fire in the hilo national forest has now burned forty six hundred acres the buzzard fire was i bought a tuesday three miles northeast of eagle peak lookout the forest service says that nearly three hundred fire personnel are battling that blaze officials say it may be ten days or more before the fire is contained all this due to dry.

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