Players react to Trump's comments; linebacker Marshall calls them 'disgusting'


Not the do not paying attention to the anthem so he can get a coors light is not even if you disagree with what nfl players do when they meal come on i mean at least there they may be misguided you may feel that their misguided you may feel like they're being disrespectful whatever the case may be their reasons are better than getting a twenty one ounce coors light but exactly but again digress so brandon marshall perfect that he spoke today just think if he would have spoken yesterday and not tonight i think they did it on purpose right they probably do these players some time to think about it and get their thoughts out you know the rattler exactly brandon marshall's spoke at dove valley in linebacker not the wide receiver yeah there's a espn tweet about that business a wide receiver so brandon marshal the linebacker that plays for the broncos because the other brandon marshall doesn't play for the broncos i spoke today in of course the first thing that was brought up was the comments by president trump fred said you have to stand probably you shouldn't be playing you shouldn't be maybe they shouldn't be in the country the nfl owners did the right thing the president has come you know obviously that statement right there is to me is is is i'll say to me is disgusting you know i'll say discussing because of our memorize memorize we have freedom of speech right freeman protests so because of my decides protests i'm now we have to be kicked out the country and that's not how things work in my opinion anyway it's not about just because somebody disagrees with something or if i didn't stand for the anthem that means if i don't like what's going on.

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