Lucia Evans claims, 'Old fat Harvey pulled it out'.


The two women involved in the case who said they were attacked in new york city are actresses pas delaware and another woman by the name of lucia evans or lucy evans her stories kind of brief i'll start with lucia because she's claiming back in two thousand and four she encountered weinstein in new york city an aspiring actress she told the new yorker of this right wasn't vanity fair the new yorker to the story on weinstein that she had been invited to the miramax office in tribeca where she thought she'd be meeting with the producer to discuss acting opportunities when she arrived she was led to an office to meet with weinstein alone and there's that thing johnny game we're his enablers and handlers including a number of women they walk them they walk them right into the trap women would bring these female actresses into weinstein's lehrer she claims that old fat harvey pulled it out and forced her to perform i said over and over i don't wanna do this stop don't was her quote in the story that she told the ronan farrow of the new yorker magazine story pas delaware to story is all a bit longer and actually involves what she says we're to assaults at around age twenty one weinstein by the way she's i met weinstein while making a movie called cider house rules when she was fourteen she had communicated with the producer over the years after their first meeting see here he had his eyes on her at age twenty one weinstein center some science fiction books suggested she might be right for a role and one of his projects when they met at the hotel in two thousand ten she was twenty six weinstein the height of his powers the weinstein company is about to enter a streak that would win best picture at the academy awards two years in a row is back in two thousand ten the king's speech and then the artist he offered dilawar to a ride home to tribeca and in her account weinstein arrived at our apartment demanding to come inside and have a drink things got very uncomfortable very fast immediately when she got inside the house he started to kiss me and i kind of brushed him away then he pushed me onto the.

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