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Missing home cooking and at the time americans did not have the exposure to chinese food so were there other chinese people who with whom you ate the the the food of your culture we will always find find things that resemble that you know will cook rice in the domain story and put some sauce on it you know something very simple that was a highlight actually what did you think you wanted to do with your life professionally or were you too young to know you know always meyer people that had business and all you know a lot of my classmates the family all had restaurants so the thought of having a business that was very very likes top amai in nineteen seventythree you open your first business you opened panda in your first restaurant with your wife and with your father who came from japan to the united states very fortunate that we've found a place with very little money that we had that we can afford said to your mother after you opened at one point mama i wanna open ninety nine more restaurants could you talk about just kind of the magnitude that you had in your mind and what hopes you had for yourself though was not like at the very beginning in the very beginning to be frank with you i thought this is going to be not so tough 'cause i did a lot of study i worked in the restaurant business in new york will actually opening up the restaurant it was really really tough what were some examples of things that went wrong or or major challenges that you remember prominently no you'll go back like forty five years ago the impression of chinese food different plus when opened the store.

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