Eddie Trunk to Metal Community: How the Hell Can You Say Lady Gaga Is a Metalhead?! Stop That!


And i always i always tell people that you're john mayer saxophonist so that you know obviously a lot of people know john and john's got new music coming out as well so he's all kinds of jacked up but i don't think bob's playing on that but he'll tell me he'll disclose this hour if he if you will you find him he's all over the place he's got a residency once a month at the famous baked potato in los angeles where he's based but you are getting ready which part of why i'm very happy to have you on the show this week because you're getting ready for some big stuff coming up lots of touring just around the corner and madrid a lot of different spots oh my gosh and we recorded this album last year live in the studio here in la like in front of a live studio audience that is and so the album is coming out on may fifteenth and and it's called quartet which is you know the the reason for the title is kind of like it's not the barbara quartet it's still just like look it up under my on i tend to something it's still under my name just barbara and all but i wanted to actually call it that because that's what it is it's it's it is four of us but it is this sort of traditional jazz format of you know lead instrumentalists like piano bass and drums timetested classic classic format but i feel like for the first time i have something maybe a unique spin on it so yeah well you and your do great stuff live in i'll circle back there for a second but i i had the late great bobby keys on the show number of a number of months ago and he always had this key because he said you know what flying around with the stones got to be expensive for me because i always had to buy two seats one for me and one for my buddy elmer as in that's what he named his his selmer six and the question to you is do you put your horn next to you you check the bag what what do you do

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