In concession, Trump will help China's ZTE 'get back into business'


Four zero nine days after telecom giant z t e said it was ending major operations because of us trade restrictions president trump says he's working with china's government rather china's president to get the company back in business last month commerce secretary wilbur ross announced us suppliers were banned from working z t e over iran and north korea sanction violations e t who's brazen disregard for our laws was as insulting as it was dangerous now president trump has tweeted too many jobs in china lost in says he's instructed the commerce department to help get z t e back in business california congressman adam schiff responded on twitter saying intel agencies warns e t technology is a may cybersecurity threat and urging trump to worry more about national security than chinese jobs sharon reed abc news wbz news time four oh nine state lawmakers are considering legislation to end what's called meal shaming a study from the massachusetts law reform institute says many schools tell cafeteria workers to toss out hot meals and substitute cold cheese sandwiches for students whose parents don't have the money to pay for lunch some schools bar students from extracurricular activities if their parents have school meal debt the education committee will hold a hearing on the bill on tuesday wbz news time for ten ahead of the historic summit with president trump secretary of state mike pompeo is making an offer to north korean leader kim jong un i have told him that what president trump wants to see the north korean regime get rid of its nuclear weapons program in completely and into an exchange for that we're prepared to ensure that the north korean people get the opportunity that they so richly deserve it's pretty straightforward pompeii appearing on cbs is face the nation also says the us will need to provide security assurances to north korea as part of a nuclear deal pompeo met with kim last week in north korea helping set the stage for president trump's summit with kim in singapore and that set for next month wbz news time four eleven there's a double dose of local sports in action as we speak the celtics at home against cleveland the red sox on the road in toronto and for the very latest from each contest returns wbz's chris farmer in the ace hticket dot com.

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