Games Inbox: How excited are you about Cyberpunk 2077?

Final Games


Sometimes passed since i found student news though soon make use of his blood you lost will give way to something more so kicking off the eight games in which i would want to take with me is a game that was shown off i think it was at the microsoft conference to begin with i'm getting the sort of trying to get the easy ones out of the way and this microsoft considering you know don't own experts want anymore i had one back when i lived in the uk before moving to japan i've actually had to and that tells you my sort of relationship with microsoft and the xbox one i have nothing against i have nothing is myself so i think in recent years that sort of commitment to exclusives and microsoft quote game studios and quote has been sort of lacklustre definitely questionable compared to its competitors in obviously nintendo being the kings of first body and also playstation absolutely killing it with exclusives like uncharted full go to war and.

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