Yeardley Smith talks to Matt Gourley about the Simpsons

I Was There Too


A little bit now i can only imagine you've been asked a lot of these questions a million times so you have every right to pass or deflect it to something rather talk about but i always try to pride myself in finding questions that are different in some way but i don't know about this line it is a tough one just all been ass i can imagine and how many years is it now it's just started recording season thirty good lower no years we literally have writers who grew up watching the show who thought might dream job will be to ride on the simpsons but they won't still be on by the time i'm old enough and like oh yes do you have any that were born after it debuted yeah i believe so yes i mean there are people in that room who work on the show who have no recollection of a world without simpson that's extrordinary zand i mean thirty years thirty two relief you count the tracey ullman show that's old enough to have been born when the simpsons started or even slightly after a now to have your own children who are walking and talking and watching the simpsons that's that's bananas it is an institution like saturday night live where a long involved would have been raised on it completely absolutely yeah god so you if this is true additionally originally read for the role of bart that's true and nancy cartwright read for lisa is that right yes interesting i think it was never well two things happened so i did a play here in los angeles at the fountain theatre called living on salvation street that was directed by dorothy lyman who used to be on mama's family do you remember mama in fact i see that this kiki she was a juvenile delinquent i did i three episodes and because of doing that tv show when this play came around dorothy lyman cast me as the lead and i played this girl named wilma who wanted to join the army and saying l was presley songs so nothing likely simpson and about i would say like seventeen people saw that play and one of those people are year later was casting the simpsons and she says that she when the role of lisa simpson came up she said i know exactly who should play lisa simpson and it was me it wasn't nancy so the fact that i did read for bart and nancy read for lisa i think it was more of a well let's they always have women do the voices of young boys because their voices don't change obviously right so i don't think it was so specific as we're just gonna throw a lot of spaghetti at the wall and whoever is better for one and then for another and then of course i'm sure they had editions with tons of other people that's who we will cast but i did read for bar but i don't even think it lasted a whole scene interesting yeah 'cause i just sound so much like a girl always and over the years do you struggle to keep it fresh for yourself do you find that the voice of all because i look back at the tracey ullman versions in the early seasons especially with homer i mean it's it's started with oh yeah okay a lot of people think actually that whoever did home or on the tracey ullman show it was then a different actor who did it when we went to half hour but it's the same as dan castellaneta and dan orig when we drew in the bumpers as we call them on the tracey ullman show agree told the whole story in one minute right three twenty seconds segments something to that effect before the commercial break and dan fashioned homers voice after walter matthau and when we went to half hour he couldn't sustain it technically like vocally he couldn't sustain it so he had to alter it and that's why homer sounds so different yeah and i think when i first started doing lisa simpson i really didn't do anything i mean i sound a sound i i think probably now about now i probably like him about fourteen but back then i think i probably started let goes eleven

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