More than 210 injured in Osaka-area earthquak


A nine year old girl to men in their eighties have been killed in a strong earthquake in the western japan metropolis of osaka that quake hitting north of the city monday local time eight am in central america there's been a magnitude five point six quake that in guatemala so far no early reports of damage or injuries when it comes to tips a new study finds younger adults were found a tip the least when they eat in restaurants and ten percent of millennials save the day usually leave nothing is a tip for a server when they're eating at a restaurant that's compared to three percent for older people according to match of credit card dot com quarter of millennials say they would rather have higher prices for food at restaurants and not have to tip among millennials there's a trend toward doing away with tipping gary nunn cbs news am sports make a to us open titles in a row for brooks kepco i'm tom foty cbs news when it's twelve o five at the bay area's news station kcbs lows overnight in the low fifties highs monday ranging from the upper fifties at the coast to the low eighties inland good morning i'm peter finch here's what's happening hundreds of activists gathered yesterday at the bay area's largest immigrant detention center for father's day protest kcbs scotla terry has the story hey this is a really scary thought that right now this is how kids are living this is fascism this is the way genocides begin some forty community members family children holding signs and chanting and protests the trump administration policy that has enabled the separation of some two thousand children from their parents under a strategy of deterrence meagan dooley fisher one of the organizers here at the richmond ice detention center we're building tent camps in the middle of the texas desert to hold unaccompanied minors who is managing these situations where are these children going how are we tracking this how are we going to get them back to their parents where are they going to go were paying for this i tried to get a comment from ice but had no luck contra costa county is profiting profiting off of detaining these emigrants that's disgusting to me.

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