Landon Donovan supports Mexico in Wells Fargo World Cup ad campaign


And i guess a lot of people got upset so i guess let's talk rivalries right you got red sox yankees dodgers giants of course and then you got us mexico you know it's it's a noted rivalry so how come or if i ask a question us soccer star landon donovan came out in these commercials endorsing a mexican soccer i guess the obvious answer would be wells fargo is paying them for one reason now some mexican americans i guess are happy for donovan more upset all i know is landon donovan's pissing off everybody hey it's me landon the big tournament is just about to kick off but not everyone's team is going and that's okay wells fargo and i are inviting anyone in need of a team to root for to join us in sharing for the mexican national team vence may he and i'm getting all riled up all over you know what i'm saying you guys just got paid that's it wells fargo paid him and he did listen we all have our price we all endorse products we try to have like i think when you and i accept our endorsement deals we try to shred of connections i'm having watched steve moskowitz this friday true story this smacks of an unbelievable sellout in part of the us mexico rival isn't just a rival it's a heated rivalry so walk even carlos bocanegra who's a us soccer player of mexican descent tweeted the landon donovan he tweeted one where he wrote really.

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