Tesla Car Fire Examination to Be Observed by U.S. Safety Agency


A warming trend on the way so sixties and seventies out there right now some upper seventies in the warmer spots fifties to near sixty tonight tomorrow we lose some of the clouds get a little bit warmer but that's just the start really by the middle of the week when we start to jump up seventies eighties and nineties against the we'll have the five day forecast that's at two forty five seventy five in ontario seventyfive insurance oaks and it's seventy one right now in south gate to thirtyseven on knx we've been telling you about this fire that erupted in the engine compartment of a tesla sedan in west hollywood over the weekend now the national transportation safety board or sending an investigator to look at the car's battery cbs news transportation safety analyst mark rosenberg tells knx one thing about the fire does stand out they had to spontaneous fire nothing happened to the cabin which is as far as i'm concerned a tremendous tremendous asset to the design in their safety says these kinds of fires are very rare on the investigation could offer clues to spontaneous battery fires in other products including planes cellphones and camera batteries california farmers are in a waitandsee mode about how president trump said tariff wars with china and other countries can impact their bottom line they haven't felt any major affect yet but they will likely feel the sting come the fall harvest crop walnuts and almonds and things like that that are dependent on trade then you probably gonna start seeing some bigger impacts than bruce blodget is executive director of the san joaquin farm bureau anytime you hear the words trade war it's not going to be good in the long term for segments of agriculture there's winners and losers with everyone of these agreements he says only time will tell how it all plays out with china imposing tariffs on almonds california's largest ag expo and other commodities both canada and mexico have announced tariffs on yogurt and cheese which will hit the state's dairy farmers margaret cho arrow knx ten seventy newsradio ucla uc board of regents facing a lawsuit from four former employees they say here a female boss sexually harassed them and their complaints were not taken seriously the women say that the supervisor touched them inappropriately made comments about their bodies the suit seeks more than one hundred twenty million dollars in damages to thirty nine the supreme court today sidesteps two major cases over partisan gerrymandering high courts allowing controversial district maps.

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