Former Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman Exit Interview


Gago either i don't think that makes sense also didn't want any fights up a good point so anyhow so so what do we go from here i mean now now you've got now you've got the governor out there you gotta budget the he's decided that yeah he better not go through election year without a budget you know and at the same time he wants to get rid of a billion dollars in taxes and i assume he still wants a property tax for he's which would hurt every school district in illinois you know this guy so two faced you can't be everything to all people though the governor certainly trying and i had i had high hopes for shared governance i confess when when democrats were in control of both houses of the general assembly and the governor's mansion we were able to do some really good progressive things abolishing the death penalty and enacting marriage equality leapt to mind as two things we're able to do with a democratic governor and democratic majority but it's difficult to tackle the hard fiscal issues with one party and i had hoped with a republican governor we'd be able to work together on that it was a real disappointment until this this last twelve months when republicans started working with democrats in the legislature pushing the governor to decide to say let's solve some of these problems it isn't that that's exactly what happened didn't it you you you had a legislature that acted with the governor sitting on the sidelines that that was the governor's biggest contribution to this budget was staying out of the room i love it i love it i'll tell you that well stock into that now you've got a president who wants to bring back the death penalty the president and the governor it's i can think of nothing more callous than using the death penalty in such a nakedly political way to appeal to your base and try to rile up voters we abolished the.

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