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Marriages and relationships with his new book beyond the mars venus the relationships goals for today's complex world and take your relationship to the next level dr john gray the author of men are from mars winner from venus u s a today listed morrison menas number six among the most influential books of the last quarter same trait dr gray's more reason books include more than venus in the bedroom why mars in venus collide work collide work with me with barbara in the bedroom why mars in phoenix and then work with me with barbara and john had appeared repeatedly on oprah dr oz show today cbs this morning good morning america and he's been pull filed in time before usa today tv gone and people and he was also the subject of a three hour special hosted by barbara walters welcome dr gray well thank you so much it's a pleasure to be with you again yes we we met at some of the video shootings that we were doing with your tango and actually i just put many of them back on the social media and got a lot of praise especially for you you you know you're an icon i've learned so much from you and i've learned from your books from your seminars and every time i talk to you i learned more and more especially as i was reading beyond mars venus well my my message keeps evolving so there's

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