Pittsburgh officer charged in shooting death of unarmed teen


Union they have not joined even if they do benefit from its representation in collective bargaining john kubo heads the howard jarvis taxpayers association it back the decision this ruling does not help rich and powerful people all it says is that you cannot be forced to join or pay dues to an organization with which you disagreed justice samuel alito wrote the majority opinion saying states in public sector unions may no longer extract agency fees from non consenting employees a white pennsylvania police officer faces homicide charges in the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager last week near pittsburgh officer michael rossville was charged wednesday in the death of seventeen year old antoine rose who ran from him during a traffic stop prosecutors stevens policies video of a previous shooting prompted the charges against rossville katie k atv's andy sheehan the arm of a gunman emerges from the car shooting at an unseen victim in the abdomen another man's returns fire at the now fleeing car the palace said rose is in the front seat of the car and the shooting was done entirely by seventeen year old xuejuan hester who's been charged in the incident is said to guns were later found in the car but a stolen glock believed to have been left there by rose had not been fired joe jackson father of michael janet the jackson five dead at the age of eighty nine correspondent daniel nottingham jackson had a tumultuous relationship with his children several of them accused him of physical and emotional abuse in a twenty thirteen interview the patriarch said he didn't regret being hard on his kids because when i came home i came up with some kids everybody moved all over the world jackson was eightynine.

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