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From the city that changes the world this is cagey or san francisco oakland san jose the next generation of k g o ate a cumulus station now on the amazon alexa opened the k g o eight ten skill good evening to you i'm kim mcallister and for nikki medoro president trump says his top economic adviser larry kudlow has suffered a heart attack trump tweeting kudlow is being treated at walter reed medical center the development comes as trump and north korea's kim jong un are expected to begin their summit this hour in singapore president trump hoping to leave the meeting with a deal with kim to end that country's nuclear program correspondent jeff zeleny is in singapore and has a preview of the timeline i am told there and that is going to be about thirty five minutes long or so a translator on each sides and then they were going to go into a larger meeting with aids from both sides secretary of state mike pompeo of course front and center in that meeting that is going to be about an hour and a half or so and then a working lunch and then after that we do expect things to essentially end white house says trump plans to visit us military bases in guam and hawaii on return from.

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