Activists against immigration policies to protest in Nevada


Not being able to get flowers made for their wedding and consistent with the cake shop case the court sent it away they sent it back they said take it back to your local courts and ask them to rule consistent with our ruling this term and cake shop but i say to you that we will be back on cases like cake shop because they didn't issue a big constitutional ruling in that case they just issued a procedural throw you a curveball here you always do that we didn't this would be one of the topics but in the news as you may have seen this weekend was that restaurant in lexington virginia where they asked sarah huckabee sanders to leave because the owner of the restaurant pulled the staff and she and they felt that you know sarah huckabee sanders does things in her present job that so violate their sense of what's moral that they didn't want to serve her and one of the things i thought was well what's the legal comparison there to this cake shop where the the baker felt that gay marriage violated his moral principle it's a great question brian do you want my personal opinion in my legal analysis well here's the legal analysis in order to make a constitutional claim about denial of service you have to be the member of a suspect class and the greatest suspect class in our country is race other suspect classes include a gender now the court is considering sexual orientation that's what cake shop would be about and of course the gay marriage case was all about that working for the trump administration or any political entity is not and has never been recognized as a suspect class should you beat died service because you work for a particular administration will that then becomes a political oh that's separate but i just don't think sarah huckabee sanders is taken that case all the way to the us supreme court jamie floyd thank you so much other stories we are watching a coalition of civil rights religious and union activists opposed to the president's immigration policies gearing up for a protest in nevada outside of a school safety conference where us attorney general jeff sessions keynote speaker several of the protesters gathering for the rally outside of a hotel casino say they will engage in civil disobedience new jersey senator corey booker says he's seen migrants at the southern border being turned away booker is in texas he spent last night crossing the border from mexico into the us to observe the process and he says officers at the border are actively pushing people away without allowing them to present themselves for asylum the customs and border patrol officers are readily admitted to me that that's what they do they claimed it was based upon whether there was room in detention facilities for those families senator booker spoke to npr this morning he says some advocates claim border patrol officers are turning people away to encourage illegal crossings thereby justifying treating migrants as criminals new york state's federal primary elections are tomorrow where voters will choose which house and senate candidates will appear on november ballots in new york's eleventh district which includes staten island and a slim part of brooklyn the incumbent republican representative dan donovan is being challenged by his predecessor michael grimm and wnyc's john o'connor says unlike many other districts in the state that race has been all about which candidate is most like president trump donovan got endorsement from the president but grim argues he'll be the better ally in the house he points out the donovan voted against several bills the president supported including the tax cut the obamacare repeal and a bill penalising socalled sanctuary cities for immigrants donovan says he's voting in the interest of his constituents and for more details on tomorrow's elections we have our voters guide at wnyc dot org governor cuomo says he doubts republicans in the state senate will renew a law enabling almost one hundred fifty speed cameras in the city school zones to keep working the legislature ended its session without extending the law for speed cameras democrats want it but didn't have enough republican votes cuomo didn't say what he would do to help buddies warning republicans that they'll pay at the ballot box if they don't act soon i think it would be a terrible disservice and i think the voters will let them know november if they don't do mayor de blasio and transit advocates held rally yesterday to call for an extension and an expansion of the speed camera program saying the senate should act before the.

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